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Contemporary ART FAIR Paris 2020

The 7 good reasons to expose in Paris

1 Welcome at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles !

Since the FIAC left for the Grand Palais, no other contemporary art fair managed to integrate the french most coveted exhibition park. It hosts «La Foire de Paris», the famous «Mondial de l’automobile» and the Nautic Paris boat show. If Paris is a must in the landscape of contemporary art, this prestigious place is just as much. Welcoming the presence and dynamism of all art3f fairs throughout France, Paris Expo trust us and then associate itself to the development of our project.

Hall 5 Paris Expo
Paris expo

2 Paris, an attractive city !

With more than 16 millions foreign visitors, Paris is the world third most visited destination and second of Europe.

3 World capital of art

Paris is one of the most known city of culture and art around the world, Its
museums and all its monuments are an astonishing condensed of the european and of the world artistic history.

4 Paris, a dense city

2.244 millions people live in Paris, 12 millions live in its region (Ile de France), that’s 20% of the french population !

Paris city

5 A nest of great collectors

In France, art transactions are mainly in Paris. Almost half of french collectors are living in Paris region (47%)! Sources: Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

6 Paris, a rich city

The Paris’ GDP per capita is 80,528. The first in France, the double of the French average ( around 44,000 ).

7 Paris, a truly rich city

Paris is at the 4th place in the world ranking of cities hosting the most millionaires, with a number of 219 300, behind Tokyo, New-York and London. 1,500 multimillionaires and 22 billionaires also live here!

A tailor-made communication plan

Our communication team « Paris Art Fair » sets up a communication plan to guarantee you broad media coverage. Partnership with radios, televisions, print medias, online medias, social networks advertising campaign, poster boards in the city and more…
More than 50 000 invitations will be send by mail to collectors, higher level jobs. The communication «Paris Art Fair» will bring you the maximum visibility.

Some events inside the event

Paris Art Fair will offer Paris-based companies, banks and institutions, to join the event.
affichage urbain Contemporary ART FAIR - Paris

Contemporary Art Fair Paris

Only international galleries that regularly organise exhibitions and displays in their local areas are allowed to take part.

Applications from artists agents, as well as independent artists marketing themselves, are not accepted.

In order to submit your application, please return the registration form duly filled in and signed.

• As soon as this is received, you will receive confirmation of receipt via email.

• You will then receive the selection committee’s decision as quickly as possible.

Your application can either be refused, accepted or partly accepted (as certain artists can be refused).
The selection committee aims to ensure the fair’s high level of quality.

The exhibitor contract will come into force solely once the confirmation by our selection committee is received.

The conditions for participation are available on request via our contract request form.

Click here to request the contract.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department on +33 (0)3 89 59 02 40 or via e-mail at info@galleryartfair.com


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